As ever, January brings New Year resolutions about health and fitness and consumer attention turns towards relevant brands.

Many people said they will be making New Year’s resolutions for 2022 in YouGov’s recent end-of-year survey, and of those making a commitment, the top resolutions were all health related. Perennial favorites such exercising more, losing weight, and improving diets feature as the top three list goals among both Americans and Britons this year.

It’s no wonder, then, that Weight Watchers (WW) wins YouGov’s Advertiser of the Month in the first month of the new year after registering the largest rise in Ad Awareness of all brands tracked in both the US and UK.

Zooming into the US, the popular diet program doubled its Advertising Awareness score – which measures whether someone has seen or heard about an ad by the company in the past two weeks – from 14% at the end of December 2021 to 28% in January 2022.

The weight loss company also saw massive gains in the UK. At the end of last year, roughly 3% of all British adults say they saw an ad for WW. By the end of the first month of 2022, nearly five times that number say they saw an ad for the brand (15%).

WW currently offers four membership plans to meet the needs of various diet goals, including Digital, Digital 360, Unlimited Workshops Plus Digital and One-on-One, Coaching Plus Digital.

Consumers are prioritizing their health and wellness amid the Covid-19 pandemic and with the turn of year, there is rarely a time when consumer interest in the category is more salient than now. So while WW showed the most improvement in terms of Ad Awareness this month, two other US health brands –Nutrisystem (+8 percentage points from December) and Jenny Craig (+6 points) – also registered notable lifts in their scores.

Methodology: Consumers are asked “Which of the following consumer brands have you seen an advertisement for in the past two weeks?” Ad Awareness is delivered as a percentage and based on the interviews of US adults and UK adults aged 18 and over surveyed between December 27, 2021 and January 25, 2022.

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