Warc 100
About the Warc 100

What is the Warc 100?

The Warc 100 is an annual ranking of the world's best campaigns and companies, based on their performance in effectiveness and strategy competitions.

  • It focuses on marketing that makes a difference, driving business performance or changing consumer behaviour.
  • It is a benchmark for commercial creativity, allowing brands and agencies to compare their performance with their peers.
  • It is a showcase for the world's most effective marketing, and the people and organisations behind them.

The rankings are compiled based on the winners of effectiveness and other marketing excellence awards from around the world.

Why rank effectiveness and strategy competitions?

The Warc 100 celebrates marketing and communications strategies that help brands solve business problems.

The common thread in the award entries we track is that marketers and their agency teams have developed strategies that demonstrably improve brand performance.

Marketing departments and the agencies they work with are, more than ever, expected to demonstrate the business results of their activity. Only then can marketing be considered an investment, rather than a cost.

So how can we gauge who is rising to the challenge?

There is a growing range of competitions in the marketing industry. Some focus purely on creativity. But a growing number recognise either strategy (the application of smart marketing thinking to a particular business problem); effectiveness (the results a campaign achieves); or, more generally, excellence in marketing, including consideration of a campaign's results. In these competitions, entrants are expected to submit a 'case study' that starts with a business problem and shows how marketing solved it. These case studies are judged by the entrant's 'peers' – usually clients and senior agency executives.

Strategy and effectiveness have always been core to Warc's service. As our service has grown globally, it has become clear that interest in these areas is growing across both established and emerging markets. There are now enough competitions, and enough case studies within those competitions, to analyse on a global basis. Most are standalone competitions, but there is also a growing number of creativity contests adding effectiveness categories.

The Warc 100 turns performance in these awards shows into points; and from those points we can begin to assess which marketing ideas really deliver for clients.

CEOs and CSOs on the Warc 100
The importance of effectiveness awards

How are the rankings put together?

The Warc 100 rankings are built on a rigorous methodology, developed in consultation with Douglas West, Professor of Marketing at King's College London. The methodology is applied consistently across all competitions we track.

First, a list of relevant competitions was compiled. Campaigns that won awards in those competitions were awarded points based on the level of award they won (Gold, Silver, Bronze, etc).

Those points are then weighted according to the standing of each competition in the global marketing industry – a process for which Warc has developed a proprietary methodology, including a survey of senior agency planners and strategists.

A campaign's 'score' reflects the sum of all the weighted points attributed to it from different competitions.

We have also collated information on the agencies behind the campaigns (including, where they have been listed, contributing agencies), and, where possible, the authors of the campaign case studies. Find out more in our Methodology section.

Why did we set up the Warc 100?

How do I get the most out of the Warc 100 database?

We have individual rankings pages showing the year's best campaigns, creative agencies, media agencies, digital agencies, agency networks, holding companies, brands and advertisers.

Clicking on a single ranked campaign or company brings up more information about that campaign, and a link to the full case study – available to Warc subscribers only. It's a shortcut for keeping up to date with the latest in most-awarded strategic thinking in advertising – and learning from the year's smartest campaigns.

With our Table Builder tool, Warc subscribers also benefit from the option to download each of these rankings in Excel format, to sort and filter the data as they wish. Users of this tool can build and download bespoke spreadsheets, slicing and dicing our database of top-ranked companies by location, agency type and product category. In this way, you can stay on top of how well your company is doing relative to your peers.

Can I see the winning cases?

In the list of the top 100 campaigns, we have provided links to a version of the campaign case study where it is available on Warc.

Warc publishes case studies from a range of leading effectiveness and strategy competitions around the world.

Our case study partners include:

Warc is a subscription service, and the full case studies are available only to subscribers. Non-subscribers can sign up for a free trial.

Please note that the links to versions of Warc 100 case studies included in the tables are not indicative of either the competition's inclusion within the rankings, or its weighting.

What's next for the Warc 100?

The database will be updated every year in line with the awards schemes we track. Annual rankings of campaigns, agencies and brands will be announced in the first quarter of each year.

We also intend to conduct regular analysis of our database to keep track of the latest trends in media usage and campaign effectiveness metrics among the world's top-awarded campaigns. And we will add in new facets and filters to the database as our dataset is enriched over time.

Questions? Feedback? Contact us on warc100@warc.com