Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

WARC's new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion hub features the latest best practice, research, expert guidance and case studies to help marketers implement effective DEI strategies, specifically around the representation of diverse audiences, and in their hiring practices.

Why it matters

While supporting DEI is clearly the right thing to do, from a marketing effectiveness perspective the big challenge is conclusively proving that more diverse advertising leads to more effective outcomes, which is why we are working with our global partners to put DEI at the forefront of marketing effectiveness.

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Diversity in advertising

Diversity drops in US advertising, ANA finds

Examines how ethnic diversity in the US advertising and marketing industry took a step backward in 2023.

Did 2024’s Super Bowl ads reflect US diversity?

WARC’s Cathy Taylor talks about 2024’s Super Bowl ads and how well they represented the diversity of the US.

Analysis of fifty years of Super Bowl ads shows more inclusion, but not parity

Examines inclusion in Super Bowl ads over the last fifty years, based on analysis using the responsible AI tool Alltold Insights for Ads.

Investigating intersectionality: Understanding bias, discrimination and its impact on society

Savanta research into how an intersectional approach is vital understanding the impact of bias and discrimination on society.

Understanding how diversity in ad creative has advanced

Provides analysis by Extreme Reach of creative assets, an industry-wide benchmark, and demonstrates the benefits of diverse representation.

Brands are years behind the reality of diversity

Reveals findings from an analysis of leading brands'social media posts which uncovers they are 23 years behind in reflecting the actual racial diversity of the US.

Embracing inclusivity: The competitive edge of accessible packaging

Highlights the significance of accessible packaging and how it can make your product range stand out.

Diversity and inclusion: The opportunity for APAC organisations

Looks at why brands addressing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) should have clear definitions of the terms in order to tap opportunities.

The need for The Conscious Attention Economy and the tools for how to build it

To create a better and more sustainable future, there is a need to develop a ‘conscious attention economy’ that encourages positive behaviors.

Consumers and audiences




Older adults

People with disabilities

Racial and ethnic audiences

Diverse hiring practices

Focusing the DEI workplace conversation on unequal access in 2024

Looks at how the case for making early career access for less financially-secure groups is the leading metric in advertising’s drive to diversity.

Employee Belonging: Integrating DEI, health and wellbeing for truly equitable workplaces

Looks at why and how integrating DEI, health, and wellbeing into your business is pivotal for fostering employee equity, and how businesses are still not fully adopting this mindset.

Five ways to rethink inclusivity’s role in business

Five ways brands can rethink inclusivity and its role in business to build brand loyalty among their audiences.

Understanding the impact of racism and contributing to more inclusive and anti-racist futures

Ipsos research into systemic racism in the modern world and building more equitable and inclusive businesses.

Advertising’s recruitment and talent problem

With the advertising industry facing a talent crisis, speakers at a recent summit discussed the need for inclusive and innovative solutions.

All In: Report and action plan

This report from the Advertising Association provides new insights into the profile of the employees that make up our industry from the All In Census.

Building an anti-racist organization

The 4A's explore the importance of tackling biases and the need for organizations to be “anti-racist.”.

How mentoring, sponsoring, advocating and coaching changes the game

Emphasizes the differences between mentoring, sponsorship, advocating and coaching, and offers guidance on creating successful programs.

The clock has run out: Why brands have to get equity right

Consumers are much more vigilant of marketing, noticing every inconsistency, contradiction or one-off pivot, and are scrutinizing messaging to diverse audiences.

WARC's commitments to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At WARC Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is core to us. We are committed to building an inclusive and tolerant culture for our colleagues, customers, partners and the industry; regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, disability, age, religion or belief.

Our people

We are committed to creating and fostering an actively tolerant and inclusive workforce for our people to thrive.

Our customer experience

We are committed to continuously improving and reviewing accessibility to WARC's suite of products, for our customers and the industry.

Our content

We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive stream of content to amplify voices across the industry, to accurately represent disproportionately underrepresented communities.

Our market influence

We are committed to educating and nurturing the marketers of tomorrow from disproportionately underrepresented backgrounds and working proactively to influence the diversification of talent in the industry.

Our organisation

We are committed to being an anti-racist and inclusive organisation.

Our team

We are committed to recruiting and developing talent from diverse backgrounds.

Our content

We are committed to building a network of contributors, content and insights from diverse communities, to be amplified on WARC platforms.

Our product

We are committed to an ongoing review of the structure, language and tagging of our product, to accurately represent diverse communities.

Our market influence

We are committed to educating and nurturing the marketers of tomorrow from diverse backgrounds.

Black Cultural Archives

The Black Cultural Archives (BCA) is the home of Black British History and its mission is to collect, preserve and celebrate the histories of people of African and Caribbean descent in the UK and to inspire and give strength to individuals, communities and society.

Mainstream voices have dominated marketing and advertising spaces, there is a need for minority audiences, customers and consumers to be spoken to and reached in an authentic and credible way.

In partnership with the BCA & in collaboration with Niche On Demand WARC’s aim is to:

  • Help businesses make their marketing more effective by embedding inclusion as a way of life.
  • Connect Black audiences to brands that want to engage in authentic and meaningful ways.
  • Provide access to world class insights, data and innovation to enable you to effectively market and engage authentically.
  • Showcase the pioneers in black British marketing, their influence and contributions.

Visit the Black Cultural Archives

HBCU Initiative

In partnership with the ANA Educational Foundation (AEF), the 4A’s Foundation and the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF), WARC and Cannes Lions have teamed up to bring industry knowledge to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). With the help of the HBCU Business Dean’s Roundtable, this initiative will ensure that future Black – and other under-represented groups of marketers – have the best content available to them on creative and marketing effectiveness.

Students from 100+ HBCUs across the US will have access to world-class content from the WARC and Cannes Lions’ The Work platforms, providing them with the tools and insights to help further their education in marketing. This commitment by WARC and Cannes Lions, worth over $1m per annum, is given free of charge.

To learn more about this initiative or if you are an HBCU and would like to sign up, please reach out to us at americas@warc.com.

WARC and Cannes Lions are committed to advancing and expanding diversity in marketing.

“This partnership will provide HBCU’s with practical educational tools to assist in enhancing our marketing programs. Our curriculum today requires business case studies and other current marketplace resources for student success. It is my hope that this initiative and others will help improve the access of our students to marketing careers across the industry.”

Van B. Sapp, Dean, Saint Augustine’s University School of Business, Management, and Technology and President, HBCU Business Dean’s Roundtable

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Hidden Figures: A look at Black British marketing and design

Mainstream voices have dominated marketing and advertising spaces, and there is a need for audiences, customers and consumers to be spoken to and reached in an authentic and credible way.

In partnership with the Black Cultural Archives (BCA) and Niche on Demand (NoD), this video series explores the pioneers in Black British marketing, their influence and contributions.

Each interview draws on key themes such as lessons learnt from being one of the first black owned strategic marketing consultancies in the UK, the influence of black creatives and marketers on Brand Activism, and building on the next generation of black marketers/researchers.

The interviews include:

  • Kevin Morosky, Creative Director, Havas Media Group and Co founder POCC
  • Dr Glen Yearwood, Owner, Soul Marketing
  • Binki Taylor, Founding Partner, The Brixton Project, and Kunle Olulode, Director, Voice4Change – in memoriam of Jon Daniel

Watch the interviews

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