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Women are females aged 18 and over. Female consumers are typically defined as pre-family, family, and post-family. However, a more nuanced approach to segmenting and communicating with women is emerging as their role in society has evolved and they are wealth creators, leaders and individuals in their own right. Brands in many markets appeal to this audience using a rejection of stereotypes combined with messages of female empowerment.

Key Reading

Important papers from across the WARC database

Sets out a new way of thinking about marketing to women as old definitions and associations become outmoded. Traditional identity-drivers such as motherhood, achievement in work, and age have shifted to near irrelevance; women are individuals with new priorities and desires.
Topline global trends in attitudes and approaches to health among under-30s women.
Why marketers need to respect the changing role of women in society.
Best Practice paper offering practical tips, examples and recommended reading.
How Always engaged consumers in a new way by changing the conversation.

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