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Parents & families

Becoming a parent is generally a significant change in lifestage for both women and men. Family structures are diversifying: the convention of dad at work, mum at home is in decline in markets across the world. This is driven by decline in marriage, delay of parenting in the developed world and a growing number of working women. New mothers in particular turn to social media as a way of connecting with friends and peers.

Key Reading

Important papers from across the Warc database

This article explains the importance of recommendation to mothers, and sets out how brands can engage them as they become increasingly connected online. To engage mothers, it helps to fit with existing conversations, focus on individuals rather than stereotypes and build omnichannel experiences.
Understanding the demographic, socioeconomic, technological and attitudinal shifts that are fundamentally changing parenthood.
Statistics, research and insights into the digital activities of mothers.
How one brand aimed to reflect changing social norms and values in America.

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