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Multicultural marketing can be defined as brand communications that are aimed at a specific cultural audience, or aim to appeal to all cultural audiences. The need to do this is particularly acute in markets with large minority communities, and in the US multicultural marketing has become a distinct discipline. Successful strategies often include both culturally targeted and culturally inclusive approaches; marketers must find the optimal balance between the two.

Key Reading

Important papers from across the Warc database

This article presents the challenges of marketing to a multicultural nation. It suggests that the US is trending towards a truly diverse society and there is great value for brands in appealing to a diverse range of people.
Best practice for marketing effectively in today's US, where roughly 40% of the population is non-white.
Ranking brands based on their ability to build meaningful connections across ethnic segments.
Nielsen research on the African-American, Asian-American and Hispanic communities.
The importance of reflecting modern values when using 'family' as the target audience.

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