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An influencer is an individual who has above-average reach or impact through word-of-mouth or social media reach. Influencers are often highly knowledgeable about a specific subject, such as food, fashion, beauty or technology. Many marketers look to influencers such as celebrities, bloggers or vloggers with huge followings to do brand promotion. Influencer marketing has in some circles become synonymous with online channels and social media celebrities, but research suggests offline networks of word-of-mouth remain important.

Key Reading

Important papers from across the Warc database

Using data from Keller Fay, this piece explains what makes an influencer, how to find an influencer and how it identifies what it calls Conversation Catalysts. The article also argues that it is a mistake for the marketing community to be blinded by social media as a surefire way to identify influencers.
A best practice guide to engaging influencers in WOM-based campaigns.
This article discusses the changing nature of communities, and how brands can become part of them.
Why the Apple-owned electronics brand favours working with influencers over traditional research.
This article argues that humans are social animals, and learn and adapt by copying others.

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