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Children (anyone up to age 18) influence many household purchases, including food, toiletries, fashion, cars, holidays, media and tech. Children (currently ‘Generation Z’) consume media through multiple screens, particularly portable devices such as mobiles and tablets. ‘Microcelebrities’, for example on YouTube, are increasingly influential with under-18s. Marketing explicitly to children in many markets is controversial and increasingly regulated.

Key Reading

Important papers from across the Warc database

This article seeks to establish best practices for marketing to children. Despite the need to carefully consider ethics and laws, they are an attractive audience for marketers. As both causes of parental spending and consumers in their own right, children exert influence far beyond toys to supermarket shops, family holidays, and even the car.
What are the range of issues marketers need to consider when marketing to children?
Some of the particular difficulties involved in children's research, both practical and legal.
Research suggesting that marketing to children is not a huge problem for their parents.
A study investigating children's understanding of six popular tactics used by advertisers.

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