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Media planning

Media planning is the development of media objectives, strategies and plans on behalf of a brand. It aims to ensure the intended message is received by the target audience. It determines the best combination of media to achieve this with the available budget, considering the reach and strengths of the various media. It also guides the effective and efficient use of each medium by outlining, for example, the frequency, continuity, format and placement of ads.

Key Reading

Important papers from across the Warc database

This article describes nine challenges that media planners must address when planning communications campaigns. These include the need to solve business problems rather than communications briefs, creating useful strategy tools and integrating big data into the planning process.
Why the future of comms planning lies in creating value for people rather than preying on their time.
How using a combination of ad lengths, when done well, can work best of all for TV campaigns.
Five lessons from anthropology that could help media planners find the most effective context.
This report explores how advertisers can maximise frequency for online ads whilst minimising annoyance.

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