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Audience measurement

Audience measurement quantifies the number of people in an audience for a piece of content or advertising. It includes measurement of radio listenership, TV viewing, newspaper and magazine readership, and traffic on websites. The term can also cover measurement of audience demographics, and time spent with the medium. Consumers’ increasingly complex media diet - using multiple, multipurpose devices, sometimes simultaneously – poses a number of challenges, and research bodies in many markets are working on new methodologies.

Key Reading

Important papers from across the Warc database

Nielsen research on how the changing digital landscape affects the ways people watch video programming. Findings from the survey include that people like the ability to control how and when they interact with content and brands, with 64% saying watching time-shifted programming better accommodates their schedule.
The broadcaster partners with Arbitron and comScore to pioneer a new audience measurement system.
Time spend by medium for digital and traditional channels from 2012 onwards.
This article argues that understanding the context of consumption is vital in maximising the brand moment.
Why marketers need to follow a 'total video' model to produce more effective advertising.

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