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Packaging is how brands enclose or protect products for distribution, storage, sale, and use. Packaging also has functional roles like helping people use the product or conveying essential information. From a marketing point of view, physical and graphic design are important ways to convey the brand's message and identity, to attract attention at point of sale and to encourage potential buyers to select and purchase the product. Pack size can also be important to create attractive price points.

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Important papers from across the Warc database

This article offers advice for brands on how to get the most from packaging redesigns. The authors look at how redesigns havebecome a more regular part of brand communication. Examples discussed in the article include beverage brands MiO and Gevalia.
How brands can ensure that the move from one format to another does not lead to a dip in awareness.
The importance of innovating around the beer brand's classic design, an important part of its heritage.
The value of visual identity, and brand logos, according to how it makes the customer feel.
These award-winning case studies demonstrate how to integrate design briefs with business objectives.

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