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Experiential & sampling

Experiential involves creating a ‘live’ experience for a brand, and can work in two ways to reach the audience: direct, in-person exposure (for example, a sampling campaign where you hold and experience the product); or indirect exposure amplified through a media channel (for example, outlandish stunts, videoed and distributed via online platforms). Specific techniques include sampling, product showcases, immersive event experiences and content generating stunts.

Key Reading

Important papers from across the Warc database

This article argues that brands need to change in order to offer great experiences. By reorganising around the 4S Marketers model to integrate the roles of Scientists, Strategists, Storybuilders and Socialisers. It includes a mini case study from Pernod Ricard.
From sampling to stunts, a best practice guide to creating vivid consumer experiences.
Analysis of IPA Awards shows experiential has a fragmented identity, with a lack of industry benchmarks.
Why brand experience is important in building loyalty – and how it's different from traditional messaging.
This report discusses how the vodka brand engages millennials with experiential and digital touchpoints.

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