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Setting the strategy

Setting the strategy means making the longer-term choices by which, over time, a brand hopes to achieve its predefined, clearly stated business goals. It is a process that involves understanding the brand history and target consumer, analysing the competition and market, and using modelling and forecasting to evaluate the business impact of different choices. The strategy should ideally encompass the four Ps: product, price, place (or distribution) and promotion.

Key Reading

Important papers from across the Warc database

Guidance on setting strategy maps, which provide a visual representation of a company's critical objectives and the crucial relationships among them that drive organisational performance. Strategy maps show how an organisation can convert its initiatives and resources, including intangible assets such as employee knowledge, into tangible outcomes.
Les Binet and Sarah Carter on why many marketing objectives fail to be specific, measurable and realistic.
Discussing the brand planning cycle, a rational analytic approach to the strategy development process.
Why getting a price premium is the best strategy for growth – and why reliance on promotions kills brands.
Best Practice paper on how to maintaining brand equity when markets become dependent on promotions.

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