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Brand loyalty

Brand loyalty can be viewed as behavioural and attitudinal. Behaviourally, it is repeat purchasing (percentage of repeat purchasers) or purchasing it more often than competitors (percentage share of customer category requirements). Attitudinally, it is brand preference versus competitors, measured by evaluating the depth of brand-customer relationships. Loyalty strategies typically focus on retaining existing customers and convincing them to purchase more frequently. Brand loyalty has become a controversial topic, with some arguing it does not truly exist.

Key Reading

Important papers from across the Warc database

Giles Hedger argues that, instead of addressing 'brand loyalty' as a separate marketing objective, loyalty should be considered the natural consequence of good brand building. The paper also discusses the two types of loyalty – that based on unalterable facts, and that based on personal choice.
Building long-term loyalty in a world that has often relied on short-term rewards.
Byron Sharp and Kate Newstead on what marketers are getting wrong about loyalty.
Ten CRM issues that need to be tackled by marketers, from data integration to customer centricity.
Practical advice for developing loyalty programs, with examples from Safeway, Koreger and Dunkin' Brands.

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