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Brand growth

Brand growth is increasing a brand’s sales, market share and profits. There is much debate about the most effective and efficient approaches to growing brands. The Ehrenberg-Bass Institute's theories - which prioritise penetration over loyalty, salience over differentiation and physical availability and mass reach over targeting – have become influential. However, other schools of thought exist, particularly around the role of loyalty in growing a brand, and the need for meaningful differentiation.

Key Reading

Important papers from across the Warc database

Byron Sharp and Kate Newstead on why global brands, including HSBC, have moved away from loyalty marketing. The paper argues that, to grow, you need many more customers, most of whom will be light buyers of the brand.
Guidance on the most effective approaches to growing brands in terms of sales, market share and profits.
How marketing science challenges many of the received wisdoms of advertising, including the need for differentiation.
Andrew Ehrenberg's classic paper on what makes a brand leader: brand differentiation or brand salience.
The ground-breaking findings into buyer behavior and brand perceptions of the late Andrew Ehrenberg.

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