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Telecoms & utilities

Companies in telecoms & utilities include energy suppliers, utilities companies and mobile phone networks. These categories, in which consumers switch supplier relatively infrequently, tend to be significant investors in advertising, sponsorship and direct marketing techniques. Telecoms companies, for example, hold significant amounts of data on their customers, allowing them to look at data-driven marketing options.

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Important papers from across the Warc database

This article examines loyalty in mobile phones, looking at how handset, operating system and network each command different, yet overlapping, types of loyalty. It finds that most customers are open to switching handset brands, though this can be tempered by a good retail experience.
Why becoming the "Uncarrier" helped to transform T-Mobile's brand reputation in the US.
The carrier's ROI study on its TV campaigns, showing the benefits of marketing-mix modelling.
This article offers a solution for understanding online shopper journeys across digital touchpoints.
How the telecoms company developed a system for improving customer experiences.

Case Study

This case study explains how UAE telecoms operator, du, used online ads to change people's behaviour on social media by warning them about oversharing.

Case Study

This case study shows how Orange, the telecommunications provider, gave an old retro game a twist to show young Tunisians the speed of its Internet services.

Case Study

This case study shows how Batelco, a mobile network, successfully stole its competition's customers with a simple real-time social media response campaign in Bahrain.

Case Study

This case study shows how BT Sports, a sports broadcaster, successfully kicked off its summer programming in the UK with a campaign that recreated famous football moments and asked fans to submit their own.

Case Study

This case study describes how Telefonica mobile brand O2 created a new advertising medium to position itself as a digital innovator to get in touch with a young, and digitally savvy, target audience in the German market.

Case Study

This case study explains how telecoms company Maxis, used a digital and on-ground storytelling campaign to target small-to-medium-sized businesses in Malaysia.
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Research Paper

This article details how British Gas, the energy provider, developed a bespoke testing tool based around a realistic simulation of the online sales journey.


This article covers how Circles.Life, a challenger brand, is disrupting Singapore's highly competitive telecommunications category with innovative data products and mobile-first customer experience.


This event report details how Schneider Electric, a multinational corporation that specialises in energy management and automation solutions, modernised its B2B content marketing strategy.


This report by DentsuAegis's SenseAsia research unit provides insights into consumer purchase motivations in the South East Asian telecommunications sector.


This brief article highlights how poor customer service is due to corporations focusing on cost-cutting rather than growth.


This article examines the ways in which the internet of things (IoT) can capture behavioural data to enable personalisation of goods and services.


This event report addresses how DHL, the delivery and logistics company, has turned its sponsorship programs into "active advertising" opportunities which showcase its business capabilities.
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  1. Article

    This case study shows how Three, a mobile operator, used a humorous campaign to introduce a more customer-centric value proposition and increase sales.
  2. Article

    This case study describes how Vodafone, the only foreign mobile phone provider in the Turkish market, created a secret alarm app to protect women in the face of domestic violence, which saved lives and strengthened the brand's position as innovative and reliable.

  3. Article

    This case study explains how Deutsche Telekom, the German telecoms provider, used a mockumentary to convince its European customers to purchase its 'Travel & Surf' roaming package for online browsing abroad.

  4. Article

    This case study describes how Three, the mobile phone network, encouraged customers to share photos from their holidays online to promote a new free roaming policy.

  5. Article

    This article demonstrates how behavioural economics (BE) is being employed to improve public and business policies.

  6. Article

    This case study describes a campaign in Egypt by Vodafone, the mobile telecommunications company, to promote micro credit recharge cards in a way that built on local culture.

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