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Telecoms & utilities

Companies in telecoms & utilities include energy suppliers, utilities companies and mobile phone networks. These categories, in which consumers switch supplier relatively infrequently, tend to be significant investors in advertising, sponsorship and direct marketing techniques. Telecoms companies, for example, hold significant amounts of data on their customers, allowing them to look at data-driven marketing options.

Key Reading

Important papers from across the Warc database

This article examines loyalty in mobile phones, looking at how handset, operating system and network each command different, yet overlapping, types of loyalty. It finds that most customers are open to switching handset brands, though this can be tempered by a good retail experience.
Why becoming the "Uncarrier" helped to transform T-Mobile's brand reputation in the US.
The carrier's ROI study on its TV campaigns, showing the benefits of marketing-mix modelling.
This article offers a solution for understanding online shopper journeys across digital touchpoints.
How the telecoms company developed a system for improving customer experiences.

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