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Technology & electronics

Companies in the technology & electronics sector include manufacturers of cutting-edge technology such as mobile phones, games consoles and other computing products. It also includes items such as home appliances. Advertising in the sector tends to be a blend of corporate-level brand advertising and marketing for specific products (a new phone model, for example).

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This article examines ten tech trends that will impact brands, business and connected consumers over the coming years. These data-rooted predictions include invisible analytics, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, wearables, drones, connected cars and 3D printing.
A look at augmented and virtual reality systems and the immersive possibilities that they bring to marketing.
An overview of Apple's retail arm, which manages its own stores and reseller relationships globally.
This article discusses artificial intelligence (AI) – "machine learning" – and its implications for marketing.
How Watson, IBM's cognitive-computing platform, could assist marketers through aggregate learning and digital personalisation.

Case Study

This case study explores how Tecno, a low tier Chinese mobile phone brand, launched its latest smartphone, the C9, using a national campaign in Egypt.

Case Study

This case study shows how Lenovo, an electronics brand, successfully introduced its new mobile phone model in Czech Republic by creating a new art form.

Case Study

This case study describes how premium household appliances manufacturer Miele pushed its image in Italy beyond the communication pillars of price and performance, with a campaign based on a story about fashion.

Case Study

This case study details how Intel, a technology company, delivered a unique exhibition experience at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

Case Study

This case study details how Dimension Data, a provider of information technology services, improved client loyalty by modernising its web portal to create the Manage Centre.

Case Study

This case study describes how US appliances manufacturer Whirlpool built on its Every day, care campaign to create the Care Counts programme, which installed washers and dryers in schools to give disadvantaged students access to laundry facilities to boost attendance rates.
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This event report details how Orange, a UK mobile operator, and Borderless Access, a market research service, have been looking at taking advantage of the mobile sensation, Pokémon GO.


This article examines the rise of the iPhone, its competitive market set, and the future for mobiles in the month of the tenth anniversary of the launch of the iPhone, which proved a game-changing invention.


This event report outlines how Activision, the games developer, has used chatbots to connect with consumers.


This article explores Samsung's investment in virtual reality (VR) and its quest to becoming "the YouTube of VR".


This Company Profile from Euromonitor provides key details and analysis of consumer electronics company, Samsung.


This article describes how Copa90, the football website, is preparing for the new media landscape that waits for the 2018 World Cup Finals in Russia.
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  1. Article

    This article outlines how Huawei, a telecommunications challenger brand from China, took on rivals in Western Europe with a product launch tapping content marketing and influencers.

  2. Article

    This case study describes how global electrical brand Philips mined data to identify the most profitable spaces on e-commerce platform Tmall to boost sales by 100% on China's Single's Day.

  3. Article

    This article explores common challenges facing Western tech brands in India, and provides insight into how Samsung and Vivo successfully localized to grow market share.

  4. Article

    This case study looks at a campaign from Apple to keep the iPhone 6 exciting by turning away from numbers and specs boasting, and leveraging the understanding of the uses and output of users' cameras.

  5. Article

    This Company Profile from Euromonitor provides key details and analysis of Apple Inc. Included is a strategic evaluation with key facts about the American company, competitive positioning against comparative brands, and assessment of its position in the electronic retail market.
  6. Article

    This case study describes how the American technology company Double Robotics created a humanoid robot to showcase its expertise and break into the Australian market with a new product.

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