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Media & publishing

Media & publishing covers marketing for content owners such as TV channels, movie studios and publishers. As these organisations are professional content producers, many now focus on content-based marketing. For many companies in this sector, the biggest challenge is disruption to their business model and the emergence of digital-based competitors.

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This article explains why loyalty platforms can be key to future publishing success, creating value and affinity for the reader/viewer and allowing for data capture from the part of the publisher. It includes a case study example from The Times, a British newspaper.
How a traditional broadcaster eventually found success with a revamped digital strategy.
An attempt from a streaming service to mix automation and insight in its programmatic ad campaigns.
Inside the sports titan's "philosophy" for treating brand health as a "living, breathing" metric.
GFK on how big data can be used by broadcasters of all types to improve their services.

Case Study

This case study describes how the Melbourne Film Festival used previous festival-goers to create content to bring new visitors to the Australian event.

Case Study

This case study shows how BT Sports, a sports broadcaster, successfully kicked off its summer programming in the UK with a campaign that recreated famous football moments and asked fans to submit their own.

Case Study

This case study shows how Unknown User, a horror movie, was able to exceed box-office expectations using a bespoke viral video campaign that won German cinema-goers' hearts.

Case Study

This case study shows how Murr Television (MTV), a Lebanese media channel, increased breast cancer awareness and brand affinity by devising an emotional cross-channel campaign.

Case Study

This case study explores how 'Mein Kampf - Against Racism', a book recreated to change the message of Hitler's book 'Mein Kampf', launched a national campaign in Germany.

Case Study

This case study explores how Bates Motel, an American psychological horror show, launched a national campaign to develop promotional material to support its TV content.
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This event report examines how Dennis Publishing, an independent UK publisher, successfully launched a version of its The Week magazine to appeal to the tween market.

Research Paper

This paper describes how, based upon item response theory (IRT) and its differential item functioning (DIF), two studies were designed to address two important issues – adopting effective items or inviting proper respondents – involved in the identification of successful new concepts, to test new concepts with different levels of newness.


This event report outlines how Tinder, the dating app, has built an engaging mobile experience for consumers.

Research Paper

Marketers and advertisers increasingly acknowledge that a large proportion of human decision making is intuitive, automatic, and often without conscious control or effort.


In this event report Condé Nast presented seven 'deadly sins' and seven 'golden rules' of magazine publishing.

Research Paper

This article details a winning case study of the Excellence in Pioneering Analytics Innovation award category from the 2015 Genius Awards.
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  1. Article

    This case study shows how The Economist, an international news publication, used a targeted campaign to increase its reader base and sales.
  2. Article

    This case study explains the Economist Magazine's effort to onboard younger subscribers, by prompting unseen targets to click, read, and join the prospect pool through provocative messaging.

  3. Article

    This event report outlines how Netflix, the video-streaming service, is using the idea of micro-moments to inform its marketing strategy.

  4. Article

    This article provides an overview and analysis of the growing phenomenon of ad blocking, technology which lets consumers stop marketing messages from being served on connected devices.

  5. Article

    This article examines how brands can help consumers make use of personal data to manage their health and wellbeing.

  6. Article

    Despite significant marketing investment, prior to mid 2004 growth in the Australian broadband internet market had stalled at around 6% household penetration, well below that of similar OECD countries like UK, Canada and South Korea at the time.
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