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Shopper insight

Shopper insight covers research into consumers when they are looking to purchase within a category. Its focus tends to be the ways consumers discover products, and how they make their ultimate purchase decision. The journey to a buying decision is known as the ‘path to purchase’, and the rise of data-rich digital channels allows marketers to develop sophisticated path-to-purchase models. ‘Shopper marketing’ involves communication with consumers at key moments of the path to purchase.

Key Reading

Important papers from across the Warc database

This article provides advertisers with information and guidance on shopper strategy and the path-to-purchase. It includes sections on connecting with today's shopper, understanding different shopper types, in-store innovations and shopper-led communications.
A guide to understanding and influencing the decision-making process that drives buyer behaviour.
Best Practice paper on mapping the consumer journey – and guidelines for developing research in this area.
The techniques like AR, beacons and facial recognition that can influence in-store purchase decisions.
GFK research into the online shopping experience and how people expect to be shopping in the future.

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