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Online & mobile research

The digital revolution has had a major impact on market researchers. Some are moving traditional panel surveys onto new platforms, while others are devising entirely new digital- and mobile-native techniques. Social listening has emerged as a way of deriving category or brand insights from conversations on social media. Meanwhile, online communities, involving a more participatory two-way exchange with research participants, have emerged as an alternative approach to traditional online panel research.

Key Reading

Important papers from across the Warc database

This article explores the argument that mobile research gives more accurate insights than online research. A major finding covered by the article is that mobile provides more accurate answers, but at present costs more to execute, than more traditional approaches.
Best Practice paper how to avoid the potential pitfalls of online research and optimise the results.
A guide to research tools and techniques such as online panels, mobile, gamification and dashboards.
A presentation from GSK sharing learnings about recruiting and engaging with online communities.
This paper discusses how a self-created social media persona relates to a person's 'real self'.

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