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Modelling & attribution

Various forms of modelling can help marketers understand how their marketing investment is working. Econometric modelling is typically used to identify the impact of marketing on sales. Attribution and marketing mix modelling help to link certain outcomes, such as sales or changes in awareness, to specific media channels within a campaign. They can help to isolate the impact of each channel then optimise the mix of channels used in the strategy. Increasingly modelling is taking place in ‘real time’, rather than post-campaign.

Key Reading

Important papers from across the Warc database

This article looks at econometrics and argues that the process of modelling is both a science and an art, and can produce results with different degrees of certainty. It also gives practical advice to marketers planning to use some form of econometric modelling.
Developments in attribution, modelling, campaign analysis and measurement.
An aggregate econometrics modelling framework to determine the impact of traditional and digital marketing.
Five areas for progress in marketing mix modelling, enabled by improvements in modelling capabilities.
Why attribution models aid business decision making, including examples from Hilton Hotels, Citrix and Intel.

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