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Effectiveness can be defined as the extent to which a marketing communications programme (or other piece of marketing activity) achieved its objectives. Effectiveness metrics can include intermediate measures such as awareness or brand health; however, ‘true’ effectiveness – particularly as judged by effectiveness awards – requires financial measures such as sales or profits. Effectiveness is often conflated with ROI (return on investment). ROI is an efficiency measure that reflects the ratio of financial returns from a campaign to the cost of that campaign.

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Important papers from across the Warc database

A guide to creating truly effective advertising, addressing the reason to purchase, brand recognition, pretesting and amending - all embedded within a long-term strategy. Overall, effectiveness requires enough emphasis on the brand, positive product information for consumers and judicious use of pretesting.
A guide to selecting the right metric to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
How to balance close targeting against mass reach, and short-term versus long-term strategies.
Five measures CMOs can take towards a collaborative approach to the marketing effectiveness.

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