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Multinational campaigns

As the business world has become more globalised, advertisers have sought to market on a multinational basis. Multinational marketing is complex and requires open, innovative thinking and extensive planning. The key contextual distinction that exists within the concept of multinational marketing is the global and the local. Arguments for a standardised global approach point to cost effectiveness and integrity maintenance, while those in favour of local adaptation cite higher returns and brand equity levels.

Key Reading

Important papers from across the Warc database

Martin Weigel, of Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, discusses planning across markets. The majority of the agency's work is actually done in markets not in the Netherlands. He advocates avoiding snobbery, focussing on the universal, travelling extensively and investing in relationships.
A guide for planners working in a unique field of strategy: planning the strategies of global brands.
Why brands should have a few core global constants and then allow for flexibility according to local markets.
Peter Field argues that local insights and cultural specificity will be crucial to the future of global marketing.
This classic paper from Rita Clifton sets out a methodology for planning international campaigns.

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