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Creative development

Developing the communications strategy, defining its role in addressing the brand's problem, transcribing it into a brief for the creative team, then testing a number of options – these are pivotal stages in the campaign development process. It is generally the role of the planning or strategy team to develop a brief for the creative department. Distilling the communications strategy into the brief is arguably an art in itself and demands intellectual skill and creative flair.

Key Reading

Important papers from across the Warc database

This Best Practice paper offers a comprehensive guide to briefing creative teams. The creative agency briefing period, it argues, is the pivotal stage when an agency starts to add value. Distilling the communications strategy into a brief is an art, it adds: the brief should always be concise, clear, consistent and creative.
A guide to a process than can help avoid making costly mistakes in giving feedback on creative ideas.
Best Practice paper on how agencies can encourage clients to engage in the creative process earlier.
Binet and Carter discuss why things don't have to be new to be creative.
How to improve copywriting – above all, by enjoying it.

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