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Warc News, 27 February 2015
NEW YORK: Over the next decade luxury brands will have to rethink their marketing approach as the millennial generation moves into its peak earning years, according to a new report which anticipates a spending boom in 2026. In Millennials on Road to .

Warc News, 27 February 2015
NEW YORK: Media investment agency Magna Global says 2015 will be a worse year for TV advertising in the US than it had previously forecast as spend continues to leak to digital. In August 2014 it was predicting a decline of 0.9% but it has now revise.

Warc News, 26 February 2015
NEW YORK: US consumers now have the option to opt out of tracking by advertisers or to restrict which ones can contact them on apps and the mobile web with the Digital Advertising Alliance's (DAA) introduction of two new tools. AppChoices and the DAA.

Warc News, 26 February 2015
KANSAS CITY, MO: Google is the brand people talk about most online, but Disney is the one that generates the most love according to a new study. Infegy, a provider of social media intelligence technology, analysed more than 800 brands and drew on bil.

Warc News, 25 February 2015
LOS ANGELES: The recent Academy Awards ceremony remains the top-rated entertainment telecast in the US, although viewing figures were 16% down on the previous year and the number of tweets almost halved.The organisers had hoped to repeat the succes.

Geoffrey Precourt, Event Reports, IAB Annual Leadership, February 2015

This event report details the evolving strategy being pursued by the New York Times as it adapts to a future where smartphones increasingly dominate news consumption, as well as some lessons for other brands.

Institute of Communication Agencies, Gold, Canadian Advertising Success Stories, 2015

This case study demonstrates how Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America (MDA) spread an anti-firearms message in the US by targeting Starbucks, the coffee chain.

Geoffrey Precourt, Event Reports, ANA Brand Masters, February 2015

This event report demonstrates how Target, the retailer, has extended its sustainability efforts to cover the advertising production process.

Geoffrey Precourt, Event Reports, ANA Brand Masters, February 2015

This event report outlines Unilever's brand-building strategy, with a particular emphasis on how it has been applied to engaging male shoppers.



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