Recession & Recovery

Dealing with tough economic times

Recession and Recovery

Charles Handy, Market Leader, Quarter 4, 2015

This article analyses the current unhealthy state of capitalism, and suggests new ways of thinking about the economic structure that has produced so much good but is not working for society as well as it should.

Nielsen, Quarter 1, 2015

This article summarises consumer confidence around the world for the first quarter of 2015, broken down by region and key markets.

Adrian Terron, Nielsen, April 2015

This article outlines the impact of India's 2015 budget on several key economic sectors, with a broadly positive long-term prospect, but no short-term stimulation plans.

Nielsen, Q4 2014

This report analyses global consumer confidence in the year 2014, based on online surveys conducted across 60 countries.

Nielsen, March 2015

This report provides an analysis of the 2015 Union Budget in India, listing the developments and announcements that most closely impact individual sectors.

Joseph Clift, Warc Data, WFA Global Marketer Week, March 2015

This paper describes Warc's adspend and economic forecasts for the years ahead, and tracks some major adspend trends of recent years.

Research on Warc, Bensimon Byrne, Issue 24, February 2015

This article examines Canadian attitudes towards the economy, including concerns over rising costs and stagnant incomes and how this is affecting consumption habits.

Michael Brennan, Warc Exclusive, January 2015

This article sets out some of the longer term trends and challenges in the UK which together, it argues, are creating a feeling of insecurity amongst consumers.

Euromonitor Strategy Briefings, January 2015

This report sets out some of the features of a new set of emerging markets - Nigeria, Indonesia, Mexico, the Philippines and Turkey - the 'NIMPTs'.



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