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Adspend & Media Trends

Warc News, 17 April 2015
SYDNEY: Outdoor was among the strongest performing advertising media in Australia during March and has overtaken newspapers in terms of expenditure by main media agencies. Latest figures from Standard Media Index (SMI) show that total media agency ad.

Warc News, 16 April 2015
LONDON: UK marketing budgets increased at an accelerated pace in the first quarter of the year, according to a new report which also says the overall growth registered during the 2014/15 budget year was the best in a decade. The Q1 2015 IPA Bellwethe.

Warc News, 09 April 2015
LONDON: Digital adspend in the UK increased 14% to a record £7.2bn in 2014, according to the latest figures from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) UK, which attributed the rise to multiple device ownership. The IAB's latest Digital Adspend report.

Warc Data, April 2015

This article explores TV adspend globally, which is projected to rise 2% in 2015, reaching US$219.

Warc News, 01 April 2015
MUMBAI: Marketing expenditure by India's ecommerce businesses will rise in 2015 as they chase new customers, but some observers consider the industry little over a year away from a major correction. The ecommerce sector was a major contributor to gro.

Warc News, 01 April 2015
NEW YORK: Google continues to dominate global search advertising and will account for over half of this $81.6bn market in 2015, according to new figures. Breaking out search ad spending from digital ad spending for the first time, researcher eMarkete.

Warc Data, March 2015

This article summarises the results of the Global Marketing Index (GMI) for March 2015, when a decline in TV marketing budgets prompted concern for the medium's future.

Joseph Clift, Warc Data, WFA Global Marketer Week, March 2015

This paper describes Warc's adspend and economic forecasts for the years ahead, and tracks some major adspend trends of recent years.

Warc Data, March 2015

This article explores programmatic adspend, which totalled US$18.



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