Marketing Automobiles: Admap’s April issue explores the future of car marketing.

Admap Focus

Marketing automobiles: A revolution in car marketing

This article previews Admap's exploration of how automobiles are marketed, and how this will change in the future.

What the future of car marketing looks like

What is changing in the car industry as leasing and renting deals make cars less personal, and technology has shifted focus from mechanics to in-car experiences.

How Honda cracked the Millennial social code

How Honda US used social media strategies to reach Millennials through relevant videos, finding them where they predominantly go to research car purchases.

Why you should design a personal mobility solution, not a car

Burgeoning demand for personalised driving experiences requires manfacturers to embrace Big Data to identify individual customers and their driving preferences.

Marketers must add drama to automotive creative

What automotive brands need to do to achieve cut-through in an age of borderless digital content, looking at examples of 'blockbuster marketing.'

Nine key auto marketing trends from the 2017 Super Bowl

Examining the two most shared auto ads from the 2017 Super Bowl - by Audi and Hyundai - to gain a better understanding of the business impact of the broadcasts.

Five key considerations in marketing electric vehicles

How electric vehicle brands such as Nissan and Toyota are raising the game in automotive advertising, using new technologies and innovative approaches.

How marketers should re-engineer auto marketing through neuroscience

Advances in 3D, VR and AR technologies provide auto marketers with powerful experiential tools that generate deeper and more intuitive insights and better engagement.

What are the values that drive car choice?

How predictive metrics can identify the changing ideals that consumers expect from their car, allowing marketers to gain a head start.

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