Admap's November issue looks at Brand loyalty in the Digital Age.

Brand loyalty in the digital age

Previews a series of papers about the changing face of brand loyalty, with advice on how delivering an exceptional brand experience is now key for customers.

Rethinking 'loyalty' in the age of digital

Explains how loyalty has changed thanks to digital transforming the value exchange, and shows how to deliver a great brand experience through the drivers of relevance, utility and purpose.

Four rules for achieving brand success in the digital age

Offers four rules to help your brand become associated with a category or need state and succeed in an age when machines, such as Alexa, are making purchase decisions.

Building brand relevance in a digital age

Outlines three key trends that can build brand connections in an age where technology is removing friction from people’s lives and giving them a greater ability to choose what they want, when they want it and how they want it.

Four pillars of loyalty building

Shows how to build long-term affinity with a brand using technology with a human touch and offers four rules for successful loyalty marketing.

Building brand loyalty requires the careful cultivation of long-term relationships

Explains how behavioural data might be essential in encouraging precision targeting across channels, but can lead to brands confusing brief excitement with long-term affinity.

Combine data, technology and creativity to build great brands

Describes how success with data all hinges on brands knowing how to apply it on a human level or risk it becoming a blunt tool, resulting in communications that are over-personalised and lacking in relevance.

Admap Focus

Using digital media to build brand loyalty

Showcases a research methodology that reveals how consumers engage with different media platforms depending on how they engage with the category.

Why marketers need to join up the blurred lines between digital and analogue media

Looks at the challenge for marketers in understanding how traditional and digital media work alongside each other in terms of brand impact.

A clear strategy for digital media

Sets out the main elements for a successful digital brand campaign.

The need for a strong brand identity in the digital age

Offers guidance on how to achieve a strong brand voice that will resonate with digital audiences, using examples from Nike, Red Bull, The Connaught hotel and the London Symphony Orchestra.

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