Admap's January issue looks at marketing telecommunications.

Marketing telecommunications

Discusses the challenges telecommunications faces – from being almost at saturation point in the developed world to new challenges such as data privacy.

How mobile networks can overcome customer inertia

Examines networks such as Three, EE, Vodafone and O2 in the UK and T-Mobile in the US to see how they have been successful in identifying customer paint points and adapting their offering accordingly.

Best practice in TV advertising

Looks at how UK telecoms brands are performing on TV and offers four guidelines on what works to drive both memorability and branding.

How O2 is innovating the customer experience

Explains some of the guidelines O2 uses for developing new digital services and communications and how they should come to life conceptually, structurally, visually and verbally.

Five reasons why telcos should come back to brand

Details five ways in which defining telcos' purpose brings benefits and why those with a clear and genuine brand purpose will be the ones to thrive the most.

Idea Cellular: The idea behind !dea

Reveals how !dea created a buzz in the telecommunications market in India and achieved its growth goals, including a revenue market share of more than 9%.

Inmarsat Aviation: Marketing telecoms to the skies Admap Focus

Describes how Inmarsat Aviation launched its ‘Bring it On’ brand proposition and won orders from the likes of Qatar Airways, Lufthansa Group and British Airways owner, IAG.

Five trends in telecoms markets

Provides five key trends in the telecommunications category and offers guidance on how to meet the challenges in areas such as 5G and emerging markets.

Eight consumer trends every telco brand should know

Offers key trends that should help inform marketing strategy, such as how gaming is now mainstream, presenting key opportunities for brands.

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