Neuromarketing: Admap’s July/August issue looks at the evolution of neuromarketing.

The evolution of neuromarketing

Previewing a series of papers which look at how neuroscience is influencing the marketing industry and advancing consumer insight.

How neuroscience is advancing consumer insights

Neuromarketing can now accurately and cost-effectively predict consumer intentions with no conscious bias in purchase decision influencers by using low-cost biometric and psychometric tools.

Six key factors in winning ad campaigns

Learnings from neuroscience reveal how the brain responds to storytelling to encode information into long-term memory - as evidenced in the winning WARC 100 campaigns.

Three neuro lessons to assist creative design

Advances in neuroscience show what creates stand-out in people's minds and how this can be applied to the design of products, packaging and advertising.

How copycat brands are stealing market share

Copycat brands are disrupting consumers' search and decision-making process, which is bad news for both original brands and shoppers, who find themselves manipulated.

Admap Focus

How brands can use colour to impact subconscious decision-making

Examining the impact of colour on our subconscious brains, and how brands can use colour to communicate the right information to consumers across categories, cultural context and brand meaning.

How neuroscience can aid public sector communications

Neuromarketing techniques are well suited to public service campaigns which have to engage disinterested consumers on an emotional basis and in a memorable way within restricted budgets.

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