Admap's March issue looks at benchmarking marketing activity.

How and when to benchmark marketing activity and how to use the results

Introduces a series of papers on how benchmarking can improve marketing performance.

Achieve marketing excellence through benchmarking

Explains how the benchmarking process can be applied to marketing and describes seven marketing capabilities worth benchmarking.

Choosing the right benchmark

Uses examples from Delta Air Lines, Lynx, Wilkinson Sword and Sky Television to explain how to tie in marketing metrics with the goals of the overall organisation.

Improve radio advertising with benchmarking

Reveals how benchmarks have helped brands from Amazon to Coca-Cola realise the importance of creative execution in delivering effective outcomes.

How to benchmark website performance

A guide to benchmarking website performance, with a seven-point checklist to follow to ensure that your analytics data is complete and accurate.

Admap Focus

Benchmarking concept testing

Explores the importance of real-world, common-sense benchmarking and how to achieve it.

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