Programmatic Native Advertising: Admap’s March issue sheds light on this growing trend.

Admap Focus

Programmatic native ads: a balancing act

This article introduces a series of papers on programmatic native advertising, which is predicted to account for almost three-quarters of all display ad revenue in the US by 2021.

Best practice in programmatic native advertising

Best-practice guidance for B2C and B2B advertisers looking to use programmatic native advertising, including how to identify goals and sequence stories.

Five rules for implementing programmatic native advertising

Core principles that help advertisers create brand-aligned, differentiated and valuable native advertising experiences delivered programmatically.

How to plan marketing in a programmatic world

Essential guidelines for marketers to ensure that programmatic reaches its full potential, including changing the way they plan, recruiting specialist teams and involving clients.

How to solve the problem with programmatic

How can programmatic move away from the relentless targeting that alienates consumers, and become better targeted and tailored messaging welcomed by its audience?

What advertisers should consider when trialling programmatic native

The opportunities and challenges that programmatic native holds and advice for advertisers looking to trial it.

Three steps to getting mobile programmatic right

How the industry can combine the scale of programmatic with the reach of mobile, creating a true powerhouse - if done correctly.

A perfect match: how AI will lift native advertising to new heights

The integration of AI into native advertising will be a game changer for the industry, as tools such as IBM's Watson deliver insights and analysis at scale.

What marketers should know about machine learning

The requirements, techniques and principles involved in developing machine-learned customer journeys.

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