Customer Journey Marketing: Admap's September issue follows the customer journey.

Follow the customer journey

Previewing a series of articles which look at how marketers can make sense of the complexity of touchpoints and channels to create better customer journeys.

Admap Focus

How purchase decisions are made by category

There are three behavioural typologies involved in most purchase decisions - guesswork, copying and research - and each of these is most often seen in certain purchase categories.

How to make journey maps actionable

Brands that wish to understand and anticipate the customer experience can do so by using customer experience journey maps to make marketing plans more actionable.

How to disrupt and influence the customer journey

Marketers must use customer journey mapping to achieve more than just smoothing the path to purchase; it should also be an opportunity to disrupt and influence.

Three ways to renew focus on consumer journeys to end brand fragmentation

Brand owner concerns over brand fragmentation and the complexity of the channel landscape can be overcome by putting consumer experience planning at the heart of marketing through a multi-disciplinary, cross-agency approach.

Five tips for marketing through the customer journey

Brands must ensure every touchpoint, both online and offline, is in alignment as the customer journey grows increasingly complex.

How brands can unravel complex customer journeys

Two cutting-edge customer journey tools have been developed to broaden brands’ understanding of the impacts of the customer journey’s various touchpoints.

What marketing needs to understand about decision-making mindsets

Marketing must concentrate less on the brand in thinking about, and budgeting for, journey frameworks, and more about what shapes the varied decision-making behaviours of consumers.

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