Advertising Association / WARC Expenditure Report

Detailed quarterly advertising expenditure data and forecasts for all major media in the UK.

Produced by WARC in partnership with the Advertising Association, the Expenditure Report provides detailed and authoritative advertising expenditure data for all major media.

Every quarter, the UK media are surveyed to produce the UK's most reliable adspend figures. In addition to providing these, the Report includes comprehensive advertising forecasts for the next two years, helping agencies, analysts, media owners and advertisers with budgeting, forecasting and risk analysis.

The Report is available exclusively online, meaning that you have access to this vital data as soon as it becomes available. Data can be downloaded in Excel format, making it easy to work with.


Why subscribe?

The Advertising Association/WARC Expenditure Report is a must-have for planning and budgeting, client presentations, strategy or investment advice. The Expenditure Report will help you:

  • Identify trends
  • Assess your position in the marketplace
  • Allocate budgets
  • Create rigorous business plans
  • Make better informed decisions based on reliable data

An annual subscription to the Advertising Association/WARC Expenditure Report will give you:

  • Comprehensive data and forecasts for all major UK media, updated quarterly
  • Instant online access to over 100 standard tables
  • Full access to all historical advertising expenditure data (back to 1982)
  • Media usage trends
  • Economic trends
  • Data supplied in Excel format for easy manipulation

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