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Case Study

Shell Advance, a motorbike engine oil brand, increased brand awareness across Vietnam by launching a campaign that showcased a group of motorcycle accident aid rescuers, and the brand's role in supporting it.

Case Study

Nike, the footwear brand, increased brand awareness in China by launching a campaign that let teenage footballers capture their perfect moments on the pitch during the quarter-final season of the World Cup.

Case Study

Bubly, the sparkling water brand, successfully broke into the sparkling water category by partnering with a set of celebrities and social media content platforms to drive a mobile led campaign that engaged US consumers.

Case Study

MTN DEW AMP GAME FUEL (MDAGF), an energy drink brand, successfully reintroduced itself to US gamers by launching a multi-platform campaign that built the brand's image through trusted gaming influencers and sources' endorsements.

Case Study

Chiptole, a restaurant brand, created a connection with its audience in the US during the NBA finals by launching a campaign on Twitter offering a promotion every time a fan texted in unique words the brand had tweeted.

Case Study

Internet services brand Google successfully increased its user activity in Vietnam by 7%, by launching a geo-targeting-led campaign that positioned the brand as a source of information for everyday types of situations.

Case Study

Doritos, the snack brand, successfully launched its new Cool and Hot product globally, by introducing it through a 360-degree custom mobile video campaign.