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Case Study

Rather than offer a direct anti-smoking message, this campaign celebrates the ability of ex-smokers to stay away from tobacco.


WARC Online editor Carlos Grande reports from day two of the Mobile Marketing Forum 2008 on the growing use of mobile marketing in emerging markets, where mobile ownership and usage are often more prevalent than traditional media and communications channels.

Research Paper

What increases our happiness? Does wealth make us less stressful and happier? Does stress make us unhappy? What is the relation between our material as well as psychological well-being on one hand and satisfaction with social conditions on the other? Are we satisfied malcontents? In other words, are we satisfied with personal life despite being dissatisfied with the conditions of our society? The analysis of comparative survey data from countries such as Hungary, Georgia, Poland and Ukraine helps answer these questions and better understand individuals' concern with themselves and with their society.


ATLANTA, Georgia: The world's largest home improvement retailer, Home Depot, has rebuffed demands by green activists that it pull ads for its new Eco Options range from Fox News - a channel that toes the NewsCorp line that global warming is nothing ...