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Case Study

This case study describes how American Express, a credit card brand in Estonia, used a mobile ad platform to demonstrate to potential customers how American Express could protect their goods.

Case Study

Rather than offer a direct anti-smoking message, this campaign celebrates the ability of ex-smokers to stay away from tobacco.

Case Study

Nissan, the automotive brand owner, wanted to grow in the small car segment with a new model, the Juke, whilst simultaneously maintaining sales of its Qashqai and Micra brands.

Case Study

As the economic downturn reached a peak in 2008–09, Lenor sought to roll out a new super-premium brand extension, the Parfumelle Collection, in 16 Eastern Europe markets, including the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.

Case Study

This case study outlines how Nestlé responded to a reduction in the market for food products such as soups and seasonings in the struggling Baltic economies of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Case Study

GSK's Corega brand is a denture fixative, allowing users to fix dentures to the gums. Research undertaken by GSK found that while fixatives were used by over 20% of denture wearers in countries like Germany and the USA, this figure was just 10% in Central and Eastern Europe.

Case Study

Pantene Pro-V had enjoyed consistent, strong media support over recent years, but had failed to achieve the expected market results or a boost in brand image.

Case Study

This is a story about the power of focus. By refocusing on its core essence of the 'So effective, dentists recommend it' campaign, Sensodyne was able to not only beat off the threat of a major competitive launch, but also doubled its set objectives growing European sales by 20% and value market share by 1.1%.

Case Study

The success of the campaign 'New Eyes V' was based on introducing the high-end camera brand Olympus to young and fashionable buyers.

Research Paper

The paper concentrates primarily on the development of the Estonian consumer market in 1992-1994, the first years of free market economy.