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Case Study

This case study describes, soft drink giant, Coca Cola's campaign to bring the product back into its holiday advertising offer.

Case Study

As the economic downturn reached a peak in 2008–09, Lenor sought to roll out a new super-premium brand extension, the Parfumelle Collection, in 16 Eastern Europe markets, including the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.

Case Study

This campaign promoted Argeta Junior, a new sub-brand of Argeta, a pâté popular in the Adriatic region.

Case Study

The Peugeot 407 was to replace the 406 within the M2 segment (upper middle range class), a major segment of the European market.

Case Study

The success of the campaign 'New Eyes V' was based on introducing the high-end camera brand Olympus to young and fashionable buyers.

Case Study

The challenge was to launch the Opel Meriva - a new small versatile monocab -whilst achieving the overall objectives for the Opel brand.