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Case Study

This case study shows how Coca-Cola, the carbonated drinks brand, increased brand affinity in Morocco by creating a family-focused cooking show.

Case Study

This case study explains how Coca-Cola used a transmedia branded content platform to win back 'share of heart' with mothers in Morocco.

Case Study

This case study explains how Coca-Cola extended its packaging-personalization promotion to Morocco without offending Islamic sensibilities by using given names.


This event report looks at how different brands have tackled marketing to a Moroccan audience.

Case Study

Snickers wanted to boost sales among men aged across 10 countries in the Middle East, where the confectionery brand is thought of as an energy bar.


A strong middle class is emerging across the African continent, with the markets known as the "African lions" - Algeria, Botswana, Egypt, Libya, Mauritius, Morocco, South Africa and Tunisia - having similar growth rates than the BRICs.