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Research Paper

During the 1990s brands generated emotional quality of life promises, and Coca Cola implemented this strategy, locating the emotional dimension at the consumption experience.

Research Paper

This paper reflects the “new” relationship the young people of Latin America from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Uruguay connected to the Internet are establishing through this medium.

Research Paper

This paper presents the main results of research carried out at the beginning of 2002, based on a 2,000 case survey, concerning lifestyles in Uruguayan society.

Research Paper

A high rate of Internet penetration does not itself ensure the development of eCommerce. All companies dealing with this issue must commit themselves to understanding the principles underlying any possible commercial strategy on Internet.

Research Paper

This paper describes the variety of cultural differences present across the Spanish-speaking countries around the globe, derived from a 'ground-level' qualitative research study encompassing fourteen Spanish-speaking countries, territories and regions in Europe, and the North, Central and South Americas.