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This article describes the characteristics of the people and country of Ghana, which is showing broad-based economic growth, peaceful governance and a strong sense of independence.


This small, in-depth study of television and other media habits amongst Ghana's middle class finds that whilst high interest is shown in mobile and internet, television is more established and has greater influence on consuming.

Case Study

Mass consolidation in the airline industry left Virgin Atlantic facing a new breed of global competitor.

Research Paper

The purpose of this research, other than the findings of the report, is to explore popular narrative media and structure, both in terms of structure, contents and themes and evolve a methodology by which current paper of research data can be put together in a manner similar to other pop-content.

Research Paper

This document covers three countries in Africa: two in West Africa (Nigeria and Ghana) and one in Central Africa (Cameroon).

Research Paper

This paper gives a review of the development of pay TV markets in various African countries and Indian Ocean islands.