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This article reflects on the changing world of work in which stakeholders are demanding greater authenticity from companies.


This event report covers three of the main themes running through South By Southwest 2015 in Austin, Texas.


In a world of near-perfect information, the only thing standing between people and everything they want to know about a company is just a few clicks away in online news articles, blog posts of friends, consumer reviews or the tweets of employees.


The article reviews the effectiveness of Word-of-Mouth (WOM), as exemplified by entries in the first WARC WOM Awards.


The article summarises "Convergence Culture", a book by Harry Jenkins, a media academic with a special interest in fan and popular culture.

Case Study

The V&A was running the Cold War Modern Exhibition - a retrospective of Cold War living encompassing architecture, art/film, design and politics - from September 2008 to January 2009.


Discusses the backlash against corporate capitalism and brand power by young people. Awareness of brands and their language is so ubiquitous that an anti-brand and anti-advertising culture is spreading rapidly, fuelled by various books (reviewed) and magazines such as Adbusters.

Research Paper

Argues that `marketing' is changing radically: we are moving out of the `Marketing Age' into the `Creative Age'.


Most of the objections to brands turn on different expectations of what life should offer. So far as economic and social welfare are concerned, brands provide consumer benefits of three kinds: economic (value for money), functional (quality) and psychological (personal satisfaction).

Case Study

1989 campaign to market the Imperial War Museum after its refurbishment. The financial problems facing museums during the late 1980s are discussed fully.