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Case Study

In 1976, when the cosmetics industry was making exaggerated claims about scientific advancements in skin care, Anita Roddick opened a store, The Body Shop, in a seaside town on the southern coast of England.


Innovation follows a more predictable path than might be realised. Products, services, ideas and even celebrities move from the fringe to the centre of social convention, and the process is both measurable and cyclical.

Research Paper

The field of ethical and green investment has grown considerably in Britain over the past decade. This paper considers the possibility that ethical views of advertising influence investment decisions and, in particular, presents and discusses the preferences of 125 'ethical investors'.

Research Paper

The purpose of this cross-cultural study was to examine the roles of men and women depicted in magazine advertising in Sweden and compare those roles to those of men and women in magazine advertising in the United States.

Case Study

1987 campaign for LEGO. Opportunity seen to make advertising work harder, by getting children to buy small LEGO packs not just at Christmas, and without damaging existing sales.