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This article discusses the forthcoming test launch of the new e-Media Exchange, which will enable television advertising time to be traded on-line.


In his regular review of the U.S. media scene, Joe Mandese discusses the resurgence of interest in media-buying exchanges, to make media buying more efficient and transparent.


The American Association of Advertising Agencies is trying to defuse a row with the nation’s broadcast networks over an electronic media trading system.


Introduction to a four-article feature about some of the new means of communication resulting from new technology: WAP mobile phones, DVD (Digital Versatile Disc), videoconferencing and broadband telecoms.


This paper is a WARC-published monograph addressing the fundamental, imminent and unavoidable changes to the way media are bought and sold.


Describes how the radio medium in the UK has developed an electronic trading system through a new organisation: JICRIT (Joint Industry Commercial Radio IT).

Research Paper

This paper questions the contribution that new information technology has made to the 'sharp end' of the media business at the interface between the buyers and sellers of advertising.


Discusses electronic trading between media buyers and sellers. A system exists called NOMAD, from R&B Ltd.


Argues that electronic media trading is inevitable and will bring benefits to advertisers, but will be resisted by those with vested interests to defend.


Describes progress made with electronic trading (EDI) in the US; in particular a pilot study by the Electronic Cable Committee (TECC), aimed at simplifying the confusion between competing standards and systems.


Electronic commerce (or E-Commerce) embraces most uses of electronic links for communication both between individuals and between computers.