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Page Temporary URL Variants required
Home /rosemary-polar-athena-home L, W+R, P
Upsell page /rosemary-polar-athena-upsell W, R
Ladder guides /rosemary-polar-athena-ladderguides None
Best practice /rosemary-polar-athena-bestpractice None
Campaign deep dives /rosemary-polar-athena-campaigndives None
CrEff Planner intro /rosemary-polar-athena-creffintro W+R
Effectiveness ladder intro /rosemary-polar-athena-ladderintro W+R
Rankings homepage /rosemary-polar-athena-rankings L, W, R+P
Creative 100 /rosemary-polar-athena-creative100 R+P
Media 100 /rosemary-polar-athena-media100 R+P
Effective 100 /rosemary-polar-athena-effective100 R+P
Table Builder /rosemary-polar-athena-tablebuilder R+P
Campaign library /rosemary-polar-athena-library R+P
Research & reports /rosemary-polar-athena-reports R+P
CrEff Planner /rosemary-polar-athena-creffplanner P
Questionnaire /rosemary-polar-athena-questionnaire P
Questionnaire results /rosemary-polar-athena-questionnaireresults P
CrEff suggested case studies / articles /rosemary-polar-athena-creffsuggested P
Effectiveness ladder /rosemary-polar-athena-ladder P
Deep-dive to ladder /rosemary-polar-athena-ladderdive P
Ladder suggested case studies / articles /rosemary-polar-athena-laddersuggested P

Page variants required are in brackets.


  • L: Prospects/logged-out
  • W: WARC sub only
  • R: Rankings sub
  • P: Premium sub

Letters linked together with a plus (+) mean same variant for each sub type

If page needs variants, any user type not included will need redirecting elsewhere