WARC combines its own proprietary research with reports and studies from our partners around the world.

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Driving marketing effectiveness through digital packaging

An analysis of successful case studies that use packaging as the lead media.

Drivers of change
Drivers of change: Part of the Marketer's Toolkit 2021

This data report looks at near-term trends in six key areas, following the STEPIC methodology.

IPA analysis
Insights from the 2020 IPA Effectiveness Awards

Analysis and lessons from the winning work.

Journal of Advertising Research


WARC is publisher of the prestigious Journal of Advertising Research (JAR) for the Advertising Research Foundation. Founded in 1960, the journal showcases research and development for professionals in all areas of marketing including media, research, advertising and communications. The archive on includes all papers since 1993, plus a selection of earlier classic research.

Find out more about the Journal of Advertising Research, including past issues, Best papers and topics on the journal website.

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