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A collection of reports and articles featuring ideas and guidelines for the most effective marketing, including What we know about, What's Working In reports and Spotlight series.

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Future of Strategy

What we know about

WARC's series of 'what we know about' articles covers best practice on a range of key channels, topics and audience segments.

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Category and channel intelligence

What’s working in gaming

Global strategies, campaign updates and trends in gaming.

What’s working in health and wellness

Global strategies, campaign updates and trends in the health and wellness category.

What's working in search

Global strategies, campaign updates and trends in search.

What’s working in financial services

Global strategies, campaign updates and trends in financial services.

What's working in audio

Global strategies, campaign updates and trends in audio.

What’s working in travel

Global strategies, campaign updates and trends in the travel category.

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Spotlight series

WARC's series of regional spotlights focuses on a timely industry topic facing brands in the market and features a capsule collection of commentary, tackling the topic from a range of angles.

WARC Evidence

How do I balance short and long-term marketing needs?

Addresses how marketers should balance short-term and long-term marketing activity.

How does effectiveness vary by media channel?

Looks at how different channels deliver different outcomes.

How much should I invest to be effective?

Addresses the complex question of how much you should invest to ensure effectiveness.

How can I predict the business impact of my marketing activity?

Discusses the techniques marketers can use to estimate the likely impact of marketing activity.

How do I integrate media most effectively?

Looks at the importance of media integration in an age of fragmentation.

What happens if I stop advertising?

Looks at the long and short-term consequences of a brand going dark.

How important is brand loyalty?

Addresses whether brand loyalty matters.

What is the role of distinctive brand assets?

Looks at the role of different kinds of brand assets.

How do I use creativity to drive effectiveness?

Details how marketers should be using creativity to drive effectiveness.

How can I justify the financial value of marketing investment to the board?

Helps marketers justify marketing investment to the c-suite.