Nikkei Advertising Research Institute

Nikkei Advertising Research Institute was formed by organizations responding to a call made by Nikkei Inc. for an institution that would pursue the desired state of advertising in the rapidly expanding Japanese economy. As well as Japanese companies and organizations, numerous academics in the fields of advertising and marketing have joined the Institute and serve as visiting members. Their shared objective is to engage in research activities from a standpoint free from concerns over individual corporate gains and losses.

In order to conduct research on advertising, it is essential to grasp accurately the actual status of the subject field, as well as related fields.

To this end, the Institute has been accumulating and analysing basic data on advertising since its inception, and today these data are highly regarded by both researchers and business people as an invaluable source of information.

Furthermore, the Institute is conducting a range of independent research studies that address contemporary issues facing the advertising industry.

In order to advance these studies, the Institute holds independent research workshops headed by visiting members, whose research themes include corporate communications, advertising effectiveness, account planning, area marketing, digital advertising and cross media. The results are then disseminated in the form of reports or other publications, enabling member companies to use the information for the benefit of their businesses.

In addition, the Institute presents new theories and methods of advertising through its programme of seminars and symposia as well as through its publishing ventures, with many of its published books having received numerous Japan Academy of Advertising awards. The Institute is also achieving significant results in customized advertising studies utilizing the techniques accumulated in its workshops combined with its long experience in conducting surveys.

The activities of the Institute have been recognized over the years for their contributions to improving the quality of advertising and its modernization. The Institute has received various awards from organizations such as Tokyo Advertising Association, the Japan Newspaper Publishers & Editors Association and the Japan Academy of Advertising.

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