Dunkin’, the coffee-and-donut chain, saw Ad Awareness increase by more than any other brand in the US during August.

America has its eyes on Dunkin’ – and it might be the pumpkin: YouGov BrandIndex data shows a 29% increase in Ad Awareness month-over-month. That increase coincided with the mid-August rollout of its pumpkin spice offerings, including its Pumpkin Ice Coffee and Pumpkin Spice Iced Latte.

The pumpkin spice fall offerings seem to come earlier each year, and it’s not just your imagination: this is the earliest ever rollout for Dunkin’.

“While there is so much uncertainty heading into the fall, one thing our fans can count on is the return of pumpkin at Dunkin,” Dunkin's Vice President of Marketing Strategy Jill Nelson recently told USA Today.

Recent marketing efforts from Dunkin’ also include a contest to win an RV, its cold-brew campaign in partnership with the NHL, and a COVID-era ad spot highlighting the brand’s safety measures.

BrandIndex data also shows Purchase Intent for Dunkin’ has rebounded, with 10% of Americans saying they’ll likely purchase from the brand, up from 8.4% in late June.

Dunkin’ is the sixth most popular dining brand in America, according to YouGov Ratings data.