The brand which achieved the largest rise in Ad Awareness in the UAE during April was ADNOC Distribution.

The uplift coincided with the launch of the fuel distributor’s new campaign Fuel Up and Fly Off.

Fuel Up and Fly Off provides ADNOC Distribution customers refuelling at any ADNOC service station the opportunity to be entered into a weekly draw for a chance to win a pair of return flight tickets anywhere on the Etihad Airways network. The campaign launched on 10th April and is running until 5th June, with 14 winners selected every week.

Details of the Fuel Up and Fly Off campaign have been shared on digital and social channels, as well as on posters and flyers handed to customers at ADNOC service stations.

Results from YouGov BrandIndex show that ADNOC Distribution’s new campaign is certainly having the desired effect in terms of cut-through. The brand’s Ad Awareness (whether someone has seen an advert for the brand in the past few weeks) rose from +10.6 at the beginning of April to +19.0 on the 30th April.

UAE consumers are not only noticing ADNOC Distribution’s new campaign, but they are also now more likely to consider the brand. The Consideration score (which asks from which of the following a consumer would consider visiting) has increased by almost 6 points, from +14.3 on 11th April to +20.1 on the 30th April.

BrandIndex data also shows that Consideration scores (whether someone would consider purchasing from the brand in future) showed an uplift in the second half of April, indicating that the campaign has not only increased Ad Awareness and Consideration scores for the brand but successfully converted considerers into customers. The extent of this success will continue to be tracked in BrandIndex for the remainder of the campaign period.