This month, Samsung Note is the brand which has achieved the highest uplift in its Ad Awareness over the past month.

The rise coincides with the release of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9, which is the latest update in the tech brand’s range. The release has seen substantial press throughout August due to its large-scale marketing efforts.

Launched last week, the Note 9 is purported to feature a better camera, more storage, longer battery, a bigger screen and an S-Pen with Bluetooth incorporated.

Online adverts for the Note 9 have been featured across several different media outlets in Singapore and wider Asia.

YouGov BrandIndex data shows that Samsung’s advertising has achieved cut through among the Singaporean general public. Samsung Note’s Ad Awareness score (whether someone has seen an advert for a brand in the past two weeks) has risen from +11 to +30 over the past month.

It has had significant impact among those who would already consider purchasing a Samsung Note product, with Ad Awareness among this group sky rocketing from +29 to +58.

Not only are people noticing the adverts, but they are also viewing the brand more positively. Samsung’s Impression score (whether someone has a positive impression of a brand) has jumped from +11 to +21 in the same time period.

With increased competition emerging from rivals such as Huawei it was vital that Samsung’s campaign for the Note 9 had a positive effect on the brand’s health. The brand has just about recovered from the infamous Note 7 issue of a couple of years ago (where several products caught on fire). It will be looking to keep up the momentum surrounding the new product launch in the coming months.