During July, Samsung’s latest TV advert had the largest cut through of any brand in terms of Ad Awareness in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

Samsung has a track record of creating advertising that achieves strong cut-through globally and it’s no different in KSA. Back in April, YouGov MENA reported that Samsung’s Galaxy adverts created the largest cut through in KSA and now Samsung have successfully done the same for their electronics brand.

Samsung had the largest uplift in Ad Awareness scores (whether someone has seen or heard an advert from a company in the past two weeks) of all 500 brands tracked in KSA by BrandIndex, YouGov’s daily brand perception tracking study.

Their latest advert for the Samsung QLED 8K Televisions has registered a 9.3 point uplift in Ad Awareness in the Kingdom during the course of July.

BrandIndex also shows that in Saudi Arabia, Samsung’s Word of Mouth exposure score (whether someone has talked about the brand with friends and family in the last two weeks) jumped up 5.1 points during the course of July, with more people talking about the brand by the end of July than at the start of the month. Moreover, Consideration for the brand, (whether people would consider purchasing a Samsung product the next time they are in the market to purchase an electronic product) had a statistically significant increase of 7.1 points over the same time period.

With these results, Samsung can be confident that it is creating campaigns that succeed in generating awareness of their other products as well consideration to purchase them. What remains to be seen is if the major Unpacking (Samsung Galaxy Note 10) from this tech giant (on the 7th of August) crowds out their own July adverts. With BrandIndex, we’ll be able to track this throughout the month of August.