During May, Telstra was the brand that achieved the highest uplift in its Ad Awareness of any brand in the Asia Pacific region.

The rise coincides with a campaign promoting the launch of its new rewards program, Telstra Plus.

Launched a month ago, advertisements feature a text message that is “so important we put it on YouTube” in a variety of unorthodox ways. This includes via a mural, food art and a crocheted phone.

YouGov BrandIndex data shows that Telstra’s fun ads have captured Australians’ attention: the brand’s Ad Awareness score (whether someone has seen an advert broadcast by a company the past two weeks) has jumped six percentage points, from 33% to 39%.

 Australian consumers are not only noticing Telstra ads, the brand has also seen an increase in Current Customers, with their score on this metric jumping from +34.7 to +38.5. The increase of 3.8 points indicates that more people have subscribed to the telco in the past month.