This month, Humana is the brand that achieved the biggest rise in its Ad Awareness in the US.

November marks the beginning of open-enrolment for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act and health insurance companies have been ramping up their ads in anticipation.

In the month of October, insurer Humana has seen the highest jump in Ad Awareness, according to YouGov Plan & Track. On October 1, the brand’s Ad Awareness score – which asks whether a panellist has seen an advertisement for the brand in the past two weeks – stood at 10.7, but by October 25 it had hit a high of 19.

In particular, Humana debuted a baseball-themed ad in April, but the company’s bump in Ad Awareness in the last month is likely due to this ad’s placement during and around the Major League Baseball playoffs, which began on Oct. 2. The ad features on an older couple as they walk, and later run, up and down the staircase in their home, as training for all the stairs they need to climb for a trip to the baseball stadium.

Further data from YouGov Plan & Track finds that those who have Humana for their health insurance are more likely than the general population to be baseball fans: 20% of Humana-insured Americans say the MLB is one of their top interests, compared to only 13% of the country at large.