The Economist recently ran a special report on social media. One question still on my mind is what happens now. As a whole, the industry looks set to grow as mobile technology brings internet access to the developing world and older demographics in other countries jump on board. Still, expecting individual sites to be around forever seems naïve. With life so busy and attention spans at an all-time low, it’s easier than ever to throw the untouchables aside when something new comes along.

Messy MySpace faded for its looks, Facebook is scrambling to prove its worth (unless a $10 billion valuation stopped being big when the banks went bust), and Twitter is at risk of drying up since 90% of twactivity comes from 10% of registered Twits. And now we’ve got Google Buzz, which probably means it’s only a matter of time before boredom sets in and we’re dealing with something else. How about At this stage, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised.